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posted by [personal profile] atreic at 09:48am on 02/05/2017
So, I don't think I'm going to stop blogging (facebook just isn't the same), and my current plan is to cross post to both Dreamwidth and LJ. This isn't a very well thought through position, I definitely don't approve of LJ's T&Cs - 'no breaking Russian law or talking about politics' isn't my style, and I was even more disturbed by the 'we are bringing this in without any discussion with the user base, and suddenly cutting you off from your journal unless you accept it'. So I _think_ I'm on a trajectory of Dreamwidth as primary blog, but this is a) a bit sad, and b) requires a bit of admin to sort out friends groups and make sure I've friended people on dreamwidth etc. So cross posting should keep happening for at least a bit, and I'll put up a note if that changes.

If you felt like leaving a comment to say 'I still read this, and I'm so-and-so on Dreamwidth' or 'I still read this and I don't have a dreamwidth account' that would help me a bit with my admin :-)
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posted by [personal profile] ghoti_mhic_uait at 09:20am on 02/05/2017
I still read this and I'm ghoti_mhic_uait on Dreamwidth, which is probably more useful if I'd commented on LJ.
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posted by [personal profile] atreic at 07:00am on 03/05/2017
Friended :-)
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posted by [personal profile] angelofthenorth at 09:25am on 02/05/2017
Hello, it's Miriam
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posted by [personal profile] atreic at 07:00am on 03/05/2017
Friended :-)
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posted by [personal profile] ilanin at 09:34am on 02/05/2017
I seem to have bothered to get one of these now. I already *have* stopped blogging, but I still read things.
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posted by [personal profile] atreic at 07:01am on 03/05/2017
Friended :-)
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posted by [personal profile] jack at 09:39am on 02/05/2017
I'm still crossposting, I didn't reckon I had a lot to gain by *not* posting to LJ as long as my journal was backed up elsewhere. Though I'm not sure if that's right.

I don't blog as personally as I used to, but I continue pouring whatever crossed my mind heedlessly out into the ether :)
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posted by [personal profile] atreic at 09:49am on 02/05/2017
Well, there's a very blurry line between 'this is a thing I use' and 'this is a thing I approve of', so if you think the LJ T&Cs and the way it was handled were So Horrific then getting away from the toxic and not normalising it as 'a thing nice people like Jack use' is arguable.
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posted by [personal profile] jack at 10:16am on 02/05/2017
That makes sense. *shrug* That's what I've defaulted to doing, but I'm not sure where I *should* put the line.
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posted by [personal profile] simont at 09:31am on 03/05/2017
Well, there's a very blurry line between 'this is a thing I use' and 'this is a thing I approve of'

This confused me completely until I realised you were talking about appearance rather than reality :-) In my head, 'use' and 'approve of' are so different that it's hard to imagine getting them muddled up, and there are any number of reasons why you might not approve of a thing but find it necessary to use it anyway (or, indeed, approve of a thing so much that you'd like to use it, and feel sad that you keep failing to find good occasions to do so).

But of course they do look a lot more similar from outside the head of the person doing the using/approving/both/neither, and it looks as if that was what you really meant.

(Hello, by the way! I am still reading on both LJ and DW at the moment. I'm pondering turning off my crossposts to LJ, but since my current rate of actually posting anything at all is of the order of a handful of posts a year, I feel as if it's not as urgent a decision for me as it has been for other people. I don't expect that I'll stop reading LJ until I feel as if it's not adding any value over DW – but then, at the current rate of migration, that could actually happen.)
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posted by [personal profile] ghoti_mhic_uait at 10:19am on 02/05/2017
Ah, whereas I went with 'I can only keep these t&cs by not posting' and didn't even consider the 'they're bad rules so I don't have to keep them' which I think is a reasonable response.
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posted by [personal profile] jack at 01:08pm on 02/05/2017
That would have made sense. I went the other way, of almost giving up expecting T&C to be reasonable.
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posted by [personal profile] andrewducker at 07:54pm on 02/05/2017
Yeah. I'm cross-posting to LJ, but I'm not going to worry about the T&Cs, and if they delete my journal then at least I have DW.
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posted by [personal profile] rmc28 at 09:57am on 02/05/2017
*waves* reading you here :-)
posted by [personal profile] rowan at 10:12am on 02/05/2017
Hello! I still read this. Was rowan_leigh on livejournal, which account is now waiting to be deleted.
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posted by [personal profile] wildeabandon at 11:03am on 02/05/2017
I still read this - I'm glad you're posting to DW now!
posted by [personal profile] ewt at 11:08am on 02/05/2017
I read this, and I have now deleted my LJ account.
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posted by [personal profile] danohu at 12:25pm on 02/05/2017
hi! danohu here, oedipamaas49 on lj, still reading
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posted by [personal profile] emperor at 12:36pm on 02/05/2017
          / |    ||   
         *  /\---/\ 
            ~~   ~~   
..."Have you mooed today?"...
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posted by [personal profile] ceb at 02:33pm on 02/05/2017
ceb = ceb

You might find this useful:
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posted by [personal profile] aiwendel at 05:31pm on 02/05/2017
Hello on dreamwidth xxx
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posted by [personal profile] naath at 05:45pm on 02/05/2017
I'm me :)
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posted by [personal profile] liv at 05:58pm on 02/05/2017
I'm on DW, have been since 2009. In case you've forgotten I was [ profile] livredor on LJ.

You were one of a very small handful of people who I thought still preferred LJ over here, so if you're moving to primarily here that makes my life easier as I have that much less reason to post to LJ. I accepted the T&Cs without at all approving of them. I've stopped cross-posting but not actually deleted my LJ, though perhaps I should. But haven't got round to formally announcing that I've moved away.

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posted by [personal profile] crazyscot at 09:38pm on 02/05/2017


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posted by [personal profile] kaberett at 09:40pm on 02/05/2017
Hello and welcome <3
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posted by [personal profile] ewx at 07:49am on 03/05/2017
Gronk. I've abandoned LJ, I don't want anything to do with their new terms.
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posted by [personal profile] chess at 02:50pm on 03/05/2017
You have already spotted me, but I have migrated entirely to DW. I am still getting used to checking the reading page so I'm generally a bit further behind on it than I would have been on LJ though.
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posted by [personal profile] deborah_c at 05:37am on 04/05/2017
I'm reading, over here. Theoretically, I'm posting here too, and not crossposting, bu never quite have the brain for it
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posted by [personal profile] damerell at 01:58am on 06/05/2017
I didn't read this, it was conveyed to me via the medium of interpretive dance.
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posted by [personal profile] hairyears at 08:50am on 06/05/2017
Reading, here on DW: no longer touching LJ with a bargepole.


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