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Right, I finally got my 50th park run! So I get a 50 parkrun t-shirt! And so I wander once more into the frustrating, unclear and gendered world of clothing sizes!

I have listed every t-shirt that I at least vaguely consider might be the right one to order in this poll, and All The Information I Can Find Anywhere about what that sizing means. (yes, that's sarcastic, there doesn't appear to be any)

[Poll #1939480]

I am happy to share random details about what size I am if it helps, I'm short (about 155 cms) don't have huge boobs (34B) and generally wear clothing in about a women's 8 - 12 (my bum is bigger than my top - I'm an 8 in posh dresses to go to weddings in, but definitely a 12 in non-stretchy jeans). I _think_ the real choice is between a kids age 12, a mans XS, or a women's 10, but maybe an 8 would fit better, and I don't really like excessively taylored running gear with too much clevage.

I know it's really stupid to whinge about a Free T-Shirt, but I really just want more data. Maybe I should go to Milton and stop everyone with a parkrun t-shirt and ask if I can try it on... ;-)

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Congratulations! !! I'd find a way to try on the t shirts. If you can. Too big can be modified though. Xx

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Children's (either gender) age 12 doesn't sound very big. I used to buy girls' clothes as a student but usually age 13-14. They probably offer the kids' sizes for kids who aren't big enough for the adult sizes.
Sounds like a women's 8 or 10 would fit you, but the 10 might be more comfortable for running.

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Yes, you're probably right. The M&S sizes for kids clothes have girls size 11-12 as 152cm (probably too small), and 12-13 as 158 (would probably fit modulo breasts) and boys 11-12 as 152, no size for 12-13, and 13-14 as 164. But there is huge piles of variation in it between manufacturers.

I generally prefer boy/men-t shirts to girl/women-t-shirts when running, so some information on how extra small the extra small is, or how big the boys 12 is would be helpful. Also, they say in big scary bold letters 'There is no way to change this! Get your size right!' which is fine, but if that's a problem they could give us a bit more information...

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M&S children's clothes come up rather large though (compared to many other children's ranges) as they like to allow plenty of growing room. So don't go on these!

If you don't want to deal with the issue of the women's fit, get the men's Small.
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Can't you email them or something and ask?

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I have messaged them, they say they reply to messages within 2 working days. We will see! :-)

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[x] Maybe I should go to Milton and stop everyone with a parkrun t-shirt and ask if I can try it on

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This is an excellent suggestion. I have a mans M t-shirt which you're welcome to try. It doesn't have to stretch to go on me and a 34[confidental] bra is way too tight on me so I suspect it'd be huge on you.

From what I recall the womens t-shirts are only slightly tailored. I'd expect that Kristy will have a womens 8 or one of the girl sizes that you could probably borrow too.

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[x] ask the Parkrun organisers if you can try some on - I dunno if it's a thing they usually bring with them to the runs, but they might be able to arrange to if you ask.
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This is a polyester sporty wicking t-shirt thing? IMLE, they tend to run half a size small, or at least not as stretchy as cotton, let alone lycra, so I would err on the large size especially if you want to avoid "excessively tailored", which I think may, in effect, mean "the smaller size". (-8

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Shoulder width is a key here, and a kid 12 is not a good fit for a woman with 34B chesties. Men/boys stuff runs wider in the shoulder and narrower in the waist, proportionally, than women's stuff, which also runs to narrower and higher armholes. If you have ladylike narrow and/or sloping shoulders and a waist a women's 10 is probably A Choice; if you want more freedom around the arms and shoulders a men's XS will probably do the biz.

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For this reason, I virtually never order anything I haven't tried on first. Unless it's almost exactly the same style as something I already have from the same shop.

However, my daughter is a similar height and size to you (upper body at least) and based on this:

-If you want a women's fit, & have broadish shoulders, get a 10.

-If you want a women's fit, & have small-to-average shoulders, get an 8.

-If you are happy to have a generic T-shirt shaped T-shirt, and you don't mind if it's a little baggy, order a men's Small. Skip the XS as that could be too small across the boobs(c.f. as is the case with my son's old XSs that don't fit my daughter).

-If you want to sleep in it instead of wear it out running, order a men's M or L!

Then, cross your fingers and hope, as no two companies seem to use the same sizing.

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With my "professional" seamstress hat on I second this post. Men's XS t-shirts tend to be very, very, very small. Unless you've changed size significantly since I saw you over the summer I'd recommend men's S if you want a men's fit t-shirt- while the XS will probably go over your boobs but fit quite tightly, I suspect it will not go over your arse.

As a generalish ballpark, the chest measurements of men's t-shirts will go roughly 38-40-42-44-46 for XS-S-M-L-XL with the expectation that the wearer's chest measurement (widest point, roughly across nipples) will be two to four inches smaller than this. Women on the borderline will often want to go up a size, especially if they have proportionally large bums.

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Good point abt men's XS. I forgot that they run narrow in the chest proportionally, and shrink like a bastARD all too often, as well.

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I wear a 30E bra and Women's 8 fits snugly - I like a snug fit, maybe you don't. I tend to find that Men's Small is very baggy, which I don't really like in a technical Tshirt (but maybe you do); I'd expect children's sizes to be insufficient in the bust area.

You are welcome to try mine... if I manage to be in the same place as both you and it.

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I would very much like to try your 8 - I am dithering between an 8 and a 10 (having pretty much decided the kids ones are too small)

I'll be at the reel club tonight after hashing, but I am not sure if you and/or your t-shirt will be :-)

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I will be, but I have forgot the Tshirt on account of the washing machine dieing and leaving me confused (I know this is a weird reason - the Tshirt is clean). You could swing via mine post SRC if you like, although it's not really *on the way* to Girton.

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But then a) cycling company! b) t-shirt size information! c) Busway cycle! (always fun ;-) d) small chance of seeing ewx! What's not to like :-) I'll see how shattered I am after SRC

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If it helps, I normally wear girls age 12 (or boys age 8-10 in t-shirts, but they tend to be quite boxy).
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